Teardrop Trailer Parts

Where do you get that stuff?

Here are some of the suppliers of parts that I've used. If they have a web site, contact them and request their catalog. If you have a large RV dealer in your area, ask them for a catalog. Most dealers use a generic parts catalog by Stagparkway which is a wholesale only company that sells RV accessories to dealers nationwide and has the individual dealer's front cover page.  This 2" thick catalog has most RV related accessories and I use it frequently.  I suggest that you don't even start designing your Teardrop until you acquired most of these catalogs.  Then you'll have a better idea what is available in your area and what you have to work with.

Arrow Trailer Supply

This is the largest RV parts and accessories supply store I've seen in SoCal. They have a complete Dexter axle division too.

Reliable Tool

Excellent site showing axle specs and mounting requirements.  This is the manufacturer of the axles that Northern sells.

Northern Tool and Equipment Co.

This is the mail order outfit I purchased my Reliable axle-spring kit and fenders from. They have many axle components along with misc trailer parts. Great prices too.

Southwest Wheel Company.

Lots of trailer parts plus great axle selection of torsion and spring types.

Henschen Torsion Axles

Torsion axles used on Hunter/Shadow Teardrops.

Dexter Axles

Top notched outfit for all your suspension needs.

Champion Trailer Parts

Trailer chassis related parts for "do-it-yourselfers."

Industrial Metal Supply

Retail metal supplier with 4 locations in So Cal & Arizona.

Reliance Metal Center

Huge supplier of aluminum and stainless steel sheeting.  Located at 12034 Greenstone Ave, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90607 (562) 944-3322.

Capital Metals

Aluminum sheeting supplier located at 5150 S. 48th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85040 (602) 454-1500

B & B Surplus

Aluminum sheeting supplier located in Bakersfield, CA (661) 589-0381.

JC Whitney Co.

Everyone knows these guys. Their catalog has lots of trailer parts including windows.

Li'l Bear Tag-Alongs

This is Grant Whipp's side business of selling parts and manufacturing Teardrop trailers. If he doesn't have it, he knows where you can find it. Located at: 12442 Maria Drive, Redding, CA 96003 (530) 275-6728.

R.W. Johnson

Complete Teardrop trailers, kits and parts. Located at 3330 Mary Lane, Auburn, CA 95602.

Service Plus Distributors

Huge inventory of Teardrop useable hardware, including gas springs, hinges, catches, latches, handles, door holders, drawer slides, locks, rivets, edge trim and more. Great prices and you can order over the Internet.

Atwood Mobile Products

Largest manufacturer of RV appliances plus they carry hitches, tongue and stabilizer jacks. They make a great 2 burner propane stove top that is ideal for Teardrops. It's 10,000btu, windproof and made for outdoor use. It's model #D20-WHP and lists for around $120.00. Measures 17"W x 12"D.


Largest manufacturers of Filon fiberglass reinforced panels which is used on Winnebago's, Fleetwood motor homes and most others. They do not sell to the public but you can request brochures and a list of a distributor in your area. Filon comes in 2 shades of white, beige and gray, smooth or textured finish or a flat corrugated surface called Mesa. Filon is very durable and will withstand minor scratches and dents which the color is clear through the .040 or .060 thick material.


(1 800 642-9988) Suppliers of Filon, aluminum siding, water tanks, Hehr windows, etc. They manufacturer their own windows and doors and will custom make them. They carry a large selection of aluminum moldings and have a great profile section in their catalog. They are mail order and have locations in CA and GA.

Buccaneer Mfg Co.

Distributor of Hehr windows. Good site for window and has very good prices.

Peninsula Glass Company

Manufacturer of custom RV and boat windows. You select the specs and options of radius or miter corners, black or aluminum finish, single or double insulated pane, slider side and screen.

Orphan RV Parts Directory

Good web site directory of RV salvage yards and new parts suppliers.

DCM Company

Web directory for RV window manufacturers.

Singleton's RV Salvage

A great RV salvage yard for the Pacific northwest area, located at 383 Nelson Rd, Rochester, WA 98579 (360) 273-9566.

Walt's RV Supplies

No web site. They are located at 16616 Valley Blvd., Fontana, Ca. 92335 (909) 823-0563. Very large RV salvage yard with new, used and discontinued parts. Fantastic prices. Used Hehr windows sell for $1.00 per inch in width. One of the owners and a few employees are Teardroppers too, so you won't get all those strange looks when you tell them that you're building a Teardrop trailer and need parts. I'm still trying to talk them into letting me build my Teardrop in their parking lot!

Rexco RV Door Mfg Co.

No web site. Located at 1912 Agusta CT., Ontario, CA. 91761 (909) 930-1520. Manufacturers of RV door and frame assemblies and will build to your dimensions with slider screen window, flush locking door knob, and choice of aluminum siding.

West Marine

Nation wide dealership of boating supplies. Tired of the Mickey Mouse RV hardware items? Me too. This may be your answer. Large catalog that's free and full of all kinds of good stuff for Teardrops. Great marine electrical components, circuit breaker boards, lights, water tanks and kitchen items to add to your Teardrop. Lots of unique moldings made from stainless & aluminum. This catalog is a must.


Mail order industrial hardware company that has many hard to find fasteners and specialty items. Lots of stainless fasteners, hinges, latches, hatch lift supports, aluminum moldings, gaskets, etc. I couldn't have done it without them.

Frost Hardwood Lumber Co.

Located at 6565 Miramar Road, San Diego, CA (619) 455-9060. The best one stop shopping for all your Teardrop lumber needs. They carry a large selection and sizes of hardwoods and 4' x 10' plywood's in all grades. They even have marine plywood's too.

North American Plywood Corp.

Located at 10309 Norwalk Blvd, Santa Fe Springs, CA (800) 421-1372. Large supplier of specialty plywood's up to 6' widths and 18' lengths. They carry aircraft, marine and imported plywood's. Warehouses in Oakland CA, Mobile AL, Kent WA, Milwaukee WI, Dallas TX.  E-mail info@northamply.com

Teardrop Fix-It-Shop

George Wilkerson of Glendale, CA has lots of hard to find parts for Teardrops. He has an online and mail catalog.  If you're building new or restoring an old vintage Tear, George will have what you need.

RV Parts Outlet

Located at 817 West 9th Street, San Jacinto, CA 92583 (909) 487-6967. Another RV salvage yard specializing in new, used and discontinued parts. Very cheap prices and best of all, it's only 5 miles from our home. I check in with them regularly for the latest bargains.

Altman's Winnebago

Located at 986 RV Center Drive, Colton, CA (909) 422-0311. Large RV mall dealer with a great parts/accessories department with knowledgeable and professional employees. They have a large catalog available with all kinds of good stuff. They know me well there because this is where I purchased most of my parts. Order their catalog and they will ship the parts anywhere.

Hemet Trailer Supply

Located at 1371 W. Acacia Ave, Hemet, CA (909) 929-2257. Great RV parts store for being in such a small, out of the way town.  They carry more parts and accessories than your large RV dealers.  Friendly small town service too.

Monroe RV shocks

Here you can download a Adobe PDF file that lists all the applications for trailer shocks and retrofit kits.  This is a must investment for off-road Teardrops or a larger trailer with heavy springs.

Swampy 12v coolers

Outfit located in Arizona and has many 12v swamp coolers models to choose from.

The 12 Volt Side Of Life

Here's a great site explaining everything you need to know about 12 volt DC circuits & accessories.


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