Goober Goes Camping!

Even though Goober's dad weighed 15 pounds and mom weighed 20 (Mini size), Goober ended up weighing a whopping 26 pounds (Standard size). He's solid muscle and not an ounce of fat. He's extremely athletic and loves to play, demanding constant attention. He's very loveable too. We can't believe how intelligent this breed is. His mind is constantly going with a very strong personality. They say the breed can learn 200 words. It's true! He knows the names of all his toys and picks out key words in our everyday conversations. Ears pop up and tries to figure out what we're talking about.

Here is Goober on his very first camping trip to the Upper Kern River in CA.
Oooh, a stick in the river!
That stick can't get away now. Goober's front paws are just like a Raccoon's and work like little hands.
Whenever we put on his harness, he freezes. But once you attach his leash, he's off to the races.
He loves going to the beach and barking at the seagulls.
On your mark, get set, GO!
He's a wonderful companion to have on all of our adventures.
We're careful while taking him camping, making sure it's not snake season. He loves chasing lizards and smelling the flowers.
Goober loves the Teardrop and thinks of it as his own large crate. He sleeps dead center, head on the pillow and we get the edges of the mattress.
We take Goober where ever we go. If they don't accept dogs, we won't go. He's the center of our life. Spoiled? You bet!

Whenever we camp, he's in our lap. Yep, a spoiled 26 pound lap dog that won't allow you to ignore him. We now only camp at locations that is safe for him. He's been camping in the high and low deserts, mountains, beaches and country. Goober has been camping in more locations than most people. He's right by our side while walking without a leash and obeys all our commands.

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